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Super Long Distance Calling Device

ITEM NO. : BY-9113J
PRODUCT SIZE : 16.3x4.2x9cm
MEAS : 49x42.5x40.2cm
G/NW : 15.6/10.5kgs
QTY /CTN : 32pcs
MOQ : 1000pcs
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Size of Main Unit:16.3x4.2x9cm

Transmitter size:4.5x2.8x8.5cm

(1)The receiver speaker outputs clear sounds with a choice of 36 melodies;

(2)The range is up to 1500 meters in an open area;

(3)5-level adjustable volume;

(4)The LED light indicator on transmitter will flash when the receiver get the signal successfully;

(5)The receiver/transmitter has the function of LED light.The transmitter can be used as a flashlight,and the receiver can be used as night light.

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